FOODSAFE Secretariat

FOODSAFE Level 2 Online Overview

Please take note of the steps required to complete the FOODSAFE Online course:

  1. Purchase one or more seats.
  2. Access information to our Account Manager will be emailed to you.
    Please Note: If you do not receive this email, it is most likely in your email application's junk folder.
  3. As part of your registration in the online course, you will receive a print copy of the FOODSAFE Level 2 Participant Workbook in the mail. This may help you to review the course content, but is not required for you to begin the course.
  4. Log into the Account Manager using the username/password that was emailed to you and use the Account Manager to:
    • Select a course start date
    • Enter in personal information that is required to receive a FOODSAFE certificate such as: birth date, phone number, email, mailing address.
  5. At the course start date, access to the course will be sent via email.
  6. Complete the online course.
  7. Submit your Cleaning Schedule and Food Safety Plan Assignments.
    Once you have authorization from your instructor, proceed to step 7.
  8. Write the FOODSAFE Level 2 Quiz before the course end date.
  9. A certificate will be mailed after course completion if you have also passed the Level 1 course.

Now please continue through the FOODSAFE registration process below...